Robata Flame Grill

The Robata is an adaptable grill system, available in free-standing, countersunk and table-mounted versions. Instant gas-fired cooking. Even heat distribution system. Can be used with charcoal or lump wood for extra aroma. 3 tier cooking for searing, cooking and resting. Freestanding...

Tower Grill

The most versatile flame grill on the market! The Tower Grill can be used in four different ways to cook a wide range of world cuisines. Its unique design evenly distributes heat so that thin breads can be cooked to perfection. Turn the dome upside down and it’s an instant wok for Chinese...

Yakatori Grill

The Yakatori Grill is the cousin of the Robata Flame Grill, athough originally designed for Japanese skewer cooking it is adaptable for many styles. A cooking depth of 210mm Intense heat needed for Japanese Yakatori cooking.  Bar heights designed for fast but controlled...

Asado Flame Grill

The Clay Oven Company's latest grill from our award winning design team. The Asado Flame Grill brings the traditional form of Argentinian grilling to the commercial kitchen environment. Helping to re-define front of house theatre cooking.   

MEGA Flame Grill

Our most powerful flame grill yet! Ideal for high volume front and back of house grilling.

Churrasco | Rotisserie Grill

At Clay Oven Company we are extremely excited about the launch of our Brazilian Rotisserie Grill the ClayOven Churrasco. Our engineers have over 40 years experince in fabricating the highest quality Churrascos from the home of the Brazilian Gaucho, South Brazil. This plus our established grill...


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