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Since our company was established in 1974by the GULIAN family, we've sold thousand's of ovens to nearly every corner of the world. Over the years we have expanded from tandoor and stone hearth ovens bringing to the market the world famous Shahi Tandoor™ and Clayburn Pizza Oven to developing bespoke, front of house cooking facilities. These include the Robata Flame Grill™, Tower Grill, Duck Roaster and Shahi Mosaic Collection.

Many of our customers have found success by taking advantage of our award wining in-house design team. We are able to design and make to measure ovens that will help attract customers into the restaurant by providing the stage for the theatre of cooking to take place.

Our customers include high end restaurants and hotel chains such as the Taj Group, ROKA AKOR, Red Hot, COSMO, AQUA Koyoto, Girraffe, Yo!Sushi, Raddisson Hotels, Raymond Blanc's- Brasserie Blanc, Conran Group, Jamie Oliver and Adam Perry Lang's - Barbacoa - as well as thousands of independent food service and restaurant establishments.

Please feel free to view and our various customer profiles.

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  • Dishoom

    Dishoom is London's first Bombay style cafe, creating a contempory blend of modern front of dining with a traditional twist, using our Shahi Tandoor, Tower Grill and Robata Flame Grill...

  • Barbecoa

    Our design team worked closely with Jamie Oliver and Adam Perry Lang to develop a bespoke Robata Flame Grill to suit the requirements of their exquisite menu.

  • Roka Akor

    The Clay Oven Company are proud suppliers of Roka Akor. Please view short video showing how our Robata Flame Grill is utilised by Roka.  From Roka's website: 'Roka is dominated by a...

  • The Cinnamon Club

    The Head Chef of The Cinnamon Club speaks about his career experience working with Shahi Tandoors®


    We are very happy with the success of our Twin Taj, Clayburn Fornette and Robata Flame Grill installations in every COSMO restaurant, including COSMO in Croydon South London dubbed the UK's busiest...

  • ZUMA

    Our Robata Flame Grill plays a key role in creating the unique front of house dining experience at each ZUMA restaurant world wide. Latest installation Dubai.


    From the team behind UK's WASABIE restaurant chain- Kimchee brings tradtional Korean food to High Holborn. From quick lunches to a more intimate dining experince, the bespoke Robata Flame Grill&trade...

  • Aurelia Restaurant 12-14 Cork Street Mayfair | rotisserie | grill

    The Clay Oven Company are proud to have deigned and fabricated a bespoke front of house rotisserie and Robata Flame Grill for this unique establishment. Aurelia's contemporary Mediterranean cuisine...

  • Bocca Di Lupo | Bespoke front of house grill

    Bocca di Lupo is a vibrant Italian trattoria restaurant catering to Soho socialites and luvvies alike.( Ex-Moro chef Jacob Kenedy and his partner, general manager Victor Hugo, have...

  • Goodman's Burger and Lobster | Mayfair | Charcoal Grill

    The team behind the ever-popular Goodman steakhouses have launched their latest project, Burger & Lobster, in Mayfair. ClayOvens are proud to have supplied and installed one of our custom...

  • Baku restaurant | Robata Flame Grill manual rotisserie | Mosaic Tandoor

    This Azerbaijani restaurant has raised the bar even higher in the ever intensifying front of house, theatre cooking trend. The Clay Oven Company designed, manufactured and installed a bespoke charcoal...

  • Midori Sushi

    Midori Sushi Restaurant at Ventura Boulevard-CA are another partner of ours boasting the best All-You-Can-Eat Sushi.

  • Salt Yard | Opera Tavern

    Salt Yard's Ben Tish gives his verdict on the Robata Flame Grill®

  • Chicken Shop rotisserie grill | Soho House Group

    Our design team are extremely proud of designing and fabricating the bespoke rotisserie for Soho House Group's latest innovative "Chicken Shop" concept.

  • Indi-Go Westfield

    Check out our beautiful Twin Taj and Robata Grill installations at Indi-Go Westfield. Both at Shepherds Bush and Stratford sites.

  • Jumeirah Group

  • Giraffe

  • Saturday Kitchen Live! Tandoor

    Our Shahi Tandoor® has been often featured on the BBCs Saturday Kitchen, including their 200th episode featuring James Martin, Vivek Singh and Chris Evans. Other episodes have also featured...

  • Dishoom

    Dishoom es la primera cafetería en Londres estilo Bombay, creando una mezcla contemporánea de frente moderno con un toque tradicional, usando nuestro Shahi Tandoor, Grill de Torre y...

  • Dishoom

    Dishoom ist Londons erstes Café im Bombay-Stil, das eine zeitgemäße Mischung aus moderner Esskulturausstattung mit traditioneller Note kreiiert. Sie benutzen unsere Shahi Tandoor...

  • Barbecoa

    Nuestro equipo de diseño trabajó en estrecha colaboración con Jamie Oliver y Adam Perry Lang para desarrollar un Grill Robata a la medida para adaptarse a las exigencias de su...

  • Roka Akor

    La empresa Clay Oven son los proveedores orgullosos de Roka Akor. Por favor, vea el video corto que muestra cómo nuestros Grills Robata son utilizados por Roka. Mirar desde la web de...

  • The Cinnamon Club

    El jefe de cocina de The Cinnamon Club habla de su experiencia profesional trabajando con Tandoors Shahi®


    Estamos muy contentos con el éxito de nuestras instalaciones de nuestros hornos Twin Taj, hornos de Arcilla y Grills Robata en todos los restaurantes COSMO, incluyendo la sucursal en Croydon al...

  • ZUMA

    Nuestro Grill Robata juega un papel clave en la creación de la cocina de exhibición de cada uno de los restaurantes de ZUMA. Unas de las instalaciones más recientes en Dubai.


    Del equipo detrás de la cadena de restaurantes británica WASABIE viene a High Holborn la cadena Kimchee de comida coreana tradicional. Ofrece desde comida rápida hasta una...

  • Barbecoa

    Unser Designteam arbeitete eng mit Jamie Oliver und Adam Perry Lang zusammen, um einen individuell angefertigten Robata-Flammengrill zu entwickeln und diesen den Anforderungen ihrer exquisiten...

  • Roka Akor

    Die Clay Oven Company sind stolze Lieferanten von Roka Akor. Bitte schauen Sie sich das kurze Video an, das zeigt, wie unser Robata-Flammengrill von Roka verwendet wird.  Roka's Website sagt...

  • The Cinnamon Club

    Der Chefkoch vom The Cinnamon Club spricht über seine Erfahrung beim Arbeiten mit Shahi Tandoors®


    Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit dem Erfolg unserer Twin Taj, Clayburn Fornette und Robata-Flammengrille, die in jedem COSMO Restaurant installiert wurden, einschließlich COSMO in Croydon im...


    Das Team hinter der britischen WASABIE Restaurantkette Kimchee bringt traditionelle koreanische Küche nach High Holborn. Vom schnellen Mittagessen bis zur intimeren Erfahrung eines Abendessens...

  • ZUMA

    Unser Robata-Flammengrill spielt in jedem ZUMA Restaurant weltweit eine Hauptrolle bei der Inszenierung eines einzigartigen Kocherlebnisses zum Zuschauen im Gästebereich. Erst kürzlich wurde...

  • Ресторан «Dishoom»

    «Dishoom» является первым в Лондоне рестораном в стиле «Бомбей»...